Selling a Home Can Be Stressful.

The Hayes Team Makes It Easy.

Selling a home can be a confusing and intimidating process that leaves you with more questions than answers. Learn how The Hayes Team can make selling your home an enjoyable experience as your Seller’s Agent.

In addition to the pressure to get top dollar for your property, the transaction is also a legal contract that can have legal implications for you, both during the process and in the future. Choosing The Hayes Team means choosing a friend who will walk with you through every step of the process, no matter how difficult.

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The Hayes Team Stats

Here are a few reasons why we are the #1 Team.


Just a few of the…

Reasons to List with Us

  1. We offer In-House Staging + Professional Photography with our listings. We have had HUGE success with this! Statistics show that staged homes sell 78% quicker!
  2. With a full team of full-time agents, transaction coordinators, listings coordinators, stagers, photographers, and a Broker/Owner – we each have our own duties to ensure your agent has the most time to focus directly on their client and fulfilling their needs.
  3. Our agents are top-producing and know the Greater Houston area. We all work together to push our listings – so if one of our agents has a buyer in your area – we work together to try and show our buyers our listings first!
  4. We advertise on SEVERAL different platforms to really get your house out there in front of as many buyers – we use HAR, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook, Instagram, and our website! Our website gets roughly 900 hits a day and our social media platform gets about 1500 views a day.

We have Accredited Staging Professionals on our team!

Home Staging, by definition, is the art and science of optimizing a home’s appeal to the largest pool of potential Buyers.

In order to achieve this, Home Stagers use a variety of techniques to create an environment of universal marketability for the property by repairing, de-cluttering, depersonalizing, rearranging, re-accessorizing, and neutralizing the home’s interior and exterior decors. The job of a Home Stager is to remove the Seller and the emotional impact of their item from the home and make a potential buyer see themselves living there.

Home Staging is about selling a lifestyle and Professional Home Stagers are experts in making subtle or sweeping changes to the property in order to facilitate a fast and profitable sale.

Staged Homes Sell 78% Faster than Vacant Homes!

The Hayes Team Provides

Professional Photography

Photos are the first thing that catches a potential home buyer’s eyes!

We have 3 clicks to get their attention!

All listings have professional photos for interior and exterior as well as aerial photos on properties with land. Capturing the lifestyle and amenities of the property and/or community are huge benefits! Outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, barns, workshops and every other feature of your home/property need to be showcased in the photography.

These are the items that make the buyer want to see the home in person! Showings = offers!

A Seller’s Steps to Closing

Step #1

If we will be purchasing a new home for you, now it is time for us to start house hunting for your new home!

Step #2

The Buyer will deposit the earnest money with the Title Company. The Title Company will “open title” and begin obtaining Title Commitment. If they find any liens or judgments on the Title Commitment, we will have to address those. If they are actually yours, they will have to be resolved/paid when we close the home, or we cannot close. If they are not, we will provide that proof and they will be removed.

Step #3

You will receive a check in the mail for the option fee – cash it – it is yours to keep. The Buyer has a specific number of days (normally 7-10) to have their inspections completed and negotiated. If we come to an agreement on any repairs, we move forward. If not, the Buyer will terminate the contract and we seek a new Buyer. Remember, the Buyer can terminate the contract for ANY reason during the option period – so we are cautious during this period. Keep the receipts to any repairs made as we will need to provide those to the buyer. Once we are past our option period, we breathe a little easier.

Step #4

The Buyer’s lender will schedule an appraiser to come out to appraise the home. The appraisal must be at least the sales price of the home. If not, there are two options. Either the seller reduces the price to the appraised value, or the Buyer makes up the difference. If we appraise low and do not come to an agreement, the Buyer will terminate the contract and we seek a new Buyer. If the Buyer has an FHA loan, that appraisal will stick with the home for six months. This is why listing your home at MARKET VALUE is crucial – we want to avoid any appraisal problems at this point.

Step #5

If not already provided by the Seller, a survey will need to be done on the property to ensure the boundaries are correct. The survey will be ordered by the title company or the buyer.

Step #6

The Lender is doing all the work to get the file ready to submit to underwriting and we are waiting on those THREE very special words – CLEAR TO CLOSE! This means the Lender has all the documentation they need and we have the green light to set the closing of the home. The Lender then prepares the Closing Disclosure, which is a line by line detailed itemization of all fees being paid for by the Seller and Buyer. You will receive a copy approximately 3 days prior to closing. It will advise you of the amount of proceeds you will receive from the sale of your home. This is the time to cancel utilities beginning the day after closing.

Step #7

It’s closing day! The buyer will do a walk-through of the home to ensure all agreed-upon repairs done and that the home is clean and presentable. Closing takes place at the Title Company. The address to the Title Company is on Page 1 of your contract. Closings normally take about an hour total for both parties, but only about 15 minutes for the seller.

Step #8

Funding takes place once all documentation is signed and reviewed by the Lender. This can take 20 minutes to a few hours – the Buyer will not be allowed to have the keys until the transaction has FUNDED. Note – you must be completely out of your home by the time we close unless a leaseback agreement has been made with the Buyer. Often closing dates are moved due to various reasons – usually because of the lending aspect of the sales. We try very hard to keep the dates firm, but sometimes it is not possible. Please keep in mind when scheduling appointments. If you are purchasing another home, we will attempt to “double close” meaning the close on the sale of your home in the morning, then close on the sale of the home you are purchasing in the afternoon. Again, this takes a lot of coordination along with aligning the moon and stars!