Notice To Perspective Purchasers

A real estate agent provides valuable services. There are certain aspects that are beyond the expertise of the agent and outside the services provided by the agent. You are urged to obtain the services of qualified experts to assist you with aspects of this transaction, which are not part of the services provided by the real estate agent. You are also urged to purchase a Home Protection Plan. Each of the following matters should be checked by you or qualified professionals of your own choosing who should provide written reports:

During the Option Period, the buyer should independently select a licensed inspector to perform certain inspections (structural, mechanical, termite, engineers, etc.). Inspections are of conditions which are present and visible at the time of the inspections. Property conditions change with time and use. Neither inspectors nor real estate agents can guarantee future performance of any item. In addition to the Structural and Mechanical and Wood Destroying Insect Inspections, you should include.

Charge accounts, credit card companies

Subscriptions (most require several weeks notice!)

Friends and relatives

HVAC Inspection for the heating and air conditioning systems

Pool Inspection for the pool, spa, and equipment

Car title registration

Septic Tank and On-site Sewer Facility equipment

Motor club memberships

Water Wells

Although we recommend inspections on both new construction and resale properties, this firm does not recommend any particular inspector and does not warranty the quality of any inspector’s inspection report.

School records

Medical, dental, prescriptions

It is recommended that you accompany the inspectors during the inspections. You should address any questions about an inspection directly to the inspector(s).

You should direct the inspector to determine if there is the presence of any environmental contaminants and health hazards such as mold, spores, lead, and harmful bacteria; and whether building materials have been used which have been or are the subject of class action litigation including certain types of stucco, synthetic stucco, siding, water pipes, sheetrock, and aluminum wiring.

Prior to closing the buyer should schedule a walk-thru to determine that any agreed repairs have been done correctly and/or that the condition of the property is satisfactory.