Investors seeking the opportunity to purchase and flip homes or purchase and lease homes are my specialty. As a Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS), it is my job to work with investors to obtain the best purchase price on a home, determine the remodel costs, and put the home back on the market for a quick sale. Current market trends in our area are advantageous to investors from all over the United States. Houston area is HOT! Remember, the key to investment properties is all in the PURCHASE PRICE. Knowledge of the area and market are key to ensure the properties meet the investor guidelines for profitability.

If you choose to lease the property, Rewards Property Management is here to assist you. The management of the property will include initial walk through of home, listing/leasing the property, review and careful evaluation of all applications, collection of fees/rent, maintenance issues, and management of the property in general. Contact me directly for more information and fees.

Foreclosures and short sales are inevitably a huge part of every investor’s portfolio. As a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), working with REO, Foreclosure and Short Sale properties are my specialty.