Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ Reveals 5 Top Home-Staging Mistakes

Here, Jo reveals the top five home-staging mistakes she’s seen, so you’ll know to avoid them when selling your home.Mistake No. 1: Purging all your family photos”You’ll hear staging experts say to take down your family photos, kids’ artwork, and anything personal, so that a potential buyer can picture their family in your home, rather than seeing yours everywhere,” says…

5 Decorating Mistakes You Might Be Making

Eeek! You could be making big decorating mistakes right now that are making your home look cluttered and messy! See how you can avoid making them with these 5 useful decor tips and examples of rooms that show you just how these mistakes can be corrected! Great decorating tricks! #home #decoration #scene #Mistakes #Decorating #DecorTips #sight